Our trucks and vans are discreet and will change frequently

Our Vechicles

In our experience, the longer you maintain the same pattern, the higher probability an adverse event will occur. We will constantly be rotating the vehicles in our fleet to maintain your confidence and safekeeping of all transferred articles. Our vehicles are furnished with security enhancements designed to prevent theft. We offer climate-controlled transfers, if needed, at your discretion We offer armed services, if needed, at our discretion. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS Tracking and Live Video Streaming of 360 degree views of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Risk Evaluation

Motas will use its team’s security experience to evaluate your facility’s location and the location of your customers. These evaluations will assist in ensuring that your product and money are transferred safely. We will offer support to:

  • Identify area hazards
  • Control and eliminate risk of theft or loss of product and currency
  • Security Protocols
  • Support for operations.